Beautiful Little Fool

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I’ve had this Great Gatsby necklace on my Etsy wishlist for time and have been dying for it. Full blown “Green Light” obsession. Knowing that the seller BunnyHell makes custom orders as well as pre listed classic titles, I decided to have one made for my best friend and fav literature grad.

John Fowles is her favourite writer, and The Collector the first book she read by him so she loves it. (I pride myself on my present buying abilities. I always have to beat the boyfriends.)

The custom order went through so quickly; I’m talking like within the hour I heard back about my request. I’m so glad that I gave in and got myself one too, or I would of died of jealousy when the present arrived as it is so freakin’ perfect.

This necklace is my new favourite thing because a) it’s beautiful. and b) anything that triggers “I love Gatsby” conversations with strangers can never ever be bad.


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american horror story, the covern

Inspiration for halloween, or just every god damn day!
It’s just so right.
oh, and Jessica Lange…

…preach it, sister.

as if you were a rainbow

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I never wear colour. I wish I did but I don’t. I’m not even confident I know how to tell the truth.
Here’s some evidence of the little colour I own. Back up by my tremendous msPaint skillz.

Get fit or die trying.

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I’m on a mission to get super fit. Like super fit and strong. Like super fit and strong and able to do Tough Mudder without dying.
I’ve always looked like I’m in pretty good shape, but inside I’ve always been incredibly unfit. I hated doing sports in highschool, having childhood asthma and then starting smoking at 13 I’ve never had the lungs to run and always found myself out of breath almost instantly.
But since quitting smoking a little over a month ago I’ve gained so much energy and am genuinely surprised every time I get on a treadmill and find myself surpassing how far or fast I think I can go.
I’ve even roped a couple of friends into doing a 5k charity run with me in October, so I’ve not got a proper aim for my training.
With spending more time in the gym sportswear has began creeping into my daily wears. I’ve been wanting to be more relaxed and casual and, you know, able to pull off a few squats when the mood hits.
See some of my sports wear inspiration below.

All images Pinterest.

I take my tee black.

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Mini golf family day.
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Dress – Topshop
Bag + Sandals – Deena and Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters
Spiked Cuff – Topshop
Cross Necklace – New Look

Your mountain in waiting…

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graduation fashion
My twin sister graduated from university with a degree in Business and Public Relations today! She’s all ready to move across the country to start a great new job in marketing for a theatre in Portsmouth in like a weeks time. She doesn’t mess around!
I am so proud and happy that all her hard work studying and interning have paid off. I dropped out of university so I’ll never have my own graduation, which is kind of sad. I did get to try on her mortar board though, totally pulled it off!

Not a cloud in the sky, just a silver lining.

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Like everyone else, I have had a awesome weekend basking in the summer sun. (Whilst regularly and liberally applying the factor 15, I might add; This girl doesn’t do sun damage.) Having worked in bars for years this is not something I get to do like ever! I’m normally the sucker chilling your glass for a large pinto grigo. but not this weekend!
Having lost my job suddenly a couple of weeks ago, and now with my studies finished, I really went to town on doing abso. lutely. nothing.
Don’t get me wrong, losing my job was horrible and stressful and I am really not enjoying unemployment or being so poor, but on the plus side it’s really given me time and freedom. I’ve found some exciting opportunities and have landed interviews, so this could all really turn in to the best thing that’s ever happened to me. and until I score that perfect job I’m going to soak up all the UV and reading time I can.

Half full

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Now, I’m a couple of days late on this but as it’s July it’s a pretty good time to do a mid-year review of my New Years resolutions and how they’re coming a long.

1: Leave the country at least twice.
My trip to Paris got me half way through this one, however, I was made unemployed last week so this has set me back a bit for completing this one. There are so many wonderful places I wish to travel to; Sweden and Croatia being top of the list this year. & with my sister being told she got a great new job today, and a few friends hearing the same recently, I’m hoping some of this luck comes my way and I’ll be flush with cash in no time.

2: Don’t sleep in past 10am
Massive over reach this one. I knew when I came up with it that I was doomed to fail, I just love my bed so much. It’s not even the sleep I love, it’s the comfort. I will regularly set my alarm an hour earlier than needed just so I can enjoy how snug I am. I should probably switch this to something more attainable… I’ll mull it over on my next lie in.

3:I don’t even remember what this was
There was definitely a third resolution, but damned if I can remember what it was.
Going to just go ahead and assume I’ve failed at this one too.

So, to summarise, I SUCK AT THIS!
on the other hand though, I have joined the gym this year and am doing a pretty good job at not smoking. I’ve knocked off two classic resolutions without even thinking about it.
It’s the resolutions I don’t make that I can stick at – Sod’s law.

image from tumblr.

was white as glacier milk

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When it became clear that white was going to be all up over the summer I was dead against it. & it’s not just white. No. It’s all white. layers of all white.

well, not me. not in this life time. I’m long time committed to black and I frankly do not have the aversion to stains needs to carry off light colours. but then this bitch happened…

Olivia Godfrey of Hemlock Grove. She smokes, swears and slaps herself through the show in a glorious all white wardrobe.

If you aren’t watching Hemlock Grove, you need to be. Quickly, do the following.
step 1: Get Netflix.
step 2: Watch whole season in two days because you can’t get enough.
step 3:Wish you’d never started to watch it because the wait for season 2 is just unbearable.
seriously, it’s that good.

Anyway. so yeah, her thing with white totally changes my thing with white. I am now an all white enthusiast. In fact, I’d say a good 90% of clothes I’ve bought over the last two months have been white. (down side: I am now having to wash a lot of white loads)
All gone are the twee associations I had of white; of brides and some ethereal beauty I could never care to emulate. It now feels so sexy and empowered and devious and seductive. There’s this whole “virgin whore” thing going on in my head. it’s as easy to put together as an all black outfit, except it’s fresher and less obvious. and it’s a great way to tell all the girls in the bathroom that they would be wasting their time if they ask you for a spare tampon. (lolz, periodz)

Miley. doin’ it!


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Last night I was finally reunited with my good friend Georgia. I met her 6 months ago through work, and we got on great from the beginning and have spent most of our social time together ever since. So with me going to Paris, and then her trip to Copenhagen topped off with the case of chickenpox I’ve been dealing with the last week, this was the first chance we got to hang out and there was A LOT to cover.

Since we last saw each other I lost my job and she gained a new one. I wrote her a series of limericks about our relationship on a postcard as a congratulations on the new job – this was supposed to be funny, but it made her cry. Now, I can see how Writing a friend a poem about love you have for each other could come off a bit weird, but it’s totally how are relationship is. We are each others romantic outlet.

We also exchanged gifts that we got each other on our travels. Georgia got me this beautiful cigarette case from a thrift market.

Ironically, one of the other changes I had to tell was that I’m now trying to quit smoking… (seven days and going strong!) Although it does currently hold my “in case of emergency” stash, I’ll have to find some other use for it because I love it so.

The inscription inside makes it all the more special. Being dated and stamped with Copenhagen gives it a real sense of history and that it has be loved, used and looked after all that time.

I bought myself a gift with a similar appeal on my own holiday, on my own trip to a thrift market.

the inscription is translated as “I am a Catholic in an accident please call a priest.” My grandma carried a card that said this in her purse at all times. I was brought up a catholic, and although I am not deeply religious, I still identify myself as such.

The necklace is also dated 1955 and came from Lourdes.

I love how unusual it is, and being inscribed in French makes it a great souvenir. On top of that, at €4 it was a total steal!