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Over the break from college I’ve been mainly focused on designing using CADs and building my range for both men and women.

Cracked leather

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Today I’be been working on my CADS.
I looked on WGSN for textures to used and took some cracked leather images.
I then used these to make a pattern on Photoshop to use on CADS.
The sandles look amazing and I wish they actually existed!

Trend Boards

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Over the last week I’ve mainly been focusing on building my trend boards. Focusing on concept, colour, texture, print and shape.
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Pinboard Research

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pinterest, pinterest research board, fashion research, fashion design, fashion buying
This morning I’ve been building a pinterest board to begin initial research for designing my line. I’m not quite sure what my main focus is yet, but it’s helping me pull my ideas together.

Trend: Focus

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mind map, trend research, focus, fashion buying, fashion design, wgsn
I created a quick mind map to begin thinking about the different areas of the trend Focus. I highlighted the areas that most interest me so that I can begin to build an idea of what my starting point inspiration will be.

Directional Shop

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For my directional shop, I firstly looked at london store Dover Street Market. I used this company because I think they are an excellent example of how a bricks and mortar store can offer something that online never can; a full shopping experience. Their use of visual merchandising and quality products offers shoppers a unique and beautiful environment to look around in. I think that Wood Wood could take aspects from this to ensure that their store would stand out if in London.
Secondly I looked at the online shopping company Farfetch. I chose to look at them because they offer a lot of very high end designers.
I also looked at Altewai Saome and swedish design pair. I think they represent nordic design to a very high quality and would be aspirational inspiration for the Wood Wood design team.

Comp Shop

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For my comp shop of my final major project I looked at nordic menswear brands Soulland, Our Legacy and Han Kjobenhaven. I noticed a lot of similarities between them in terms of fabrics used and the clean nature of the design. I also found that similar colour palettes where used by all three brands.
I struggled to find strong womenswear brands that had a similar feel, so i stuck to looking at menswear designers. I will use the same aesthetic that I saw during the comp shop in both my women’s and men’s ranges.

I also looked at two stores from the UK; Coggles and The Goodhood.
I chose to look at these as I think they have a very similar customer base at Wood Wood, so would be direct competitors on the British market.

WGSN fashion forecasting

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Throughout my time on the buying and merchandising course I have used WGSN to begin research for projects using fashion forecasting and information on creative direction.
For my final major project I know that I want to focus on S/S 15, as up until now I have mainly looked at winter seasons. So I am looking at what WGSN predicts the main themes for the season will be.
I have built three boards looking at each theme so that I can reflect on which one is most representative of Wood Wood as a brand, and will appeal to their customer base the most.
wgsn, final major profect, fashion research, fashion buying research, trend prediction, fashion forecasting, focus
wgsn, final major profect, fashion research, fashion buying research, trend prediction, fashion forecasting, history 2.0
wgsn, final major profect, fashion research, fashion buying research, trend prediction, fashion forecasting, bio-dynamics
After making comparisons between the three I have decided to use the theme of Focus as my starting point of inspiration.
I have chosen this theme because I think there are similar ethereal tones that I saw when researching Nordic summers for my last post. The combination of country and nature inspired detailing in urban wear is very reflective of Danish design, so will stay true to the aesthetic of Wood Wood as a brand.
I like the simplicity within the theme especially the clean and modern responses to sportswear and tailoring.

Customer Profile

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Nordic Summer

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nordic summer, vogue denmarknordic, summer, oslo, city scenenordic summer, beach house, summer housesummer house, swedish summer, nordic summer, summer cottage

Whilst researching my final major project I have been looking at imagery along the theme of “nordic summer”. I wanted to gather an idea of what summer is like for Wood Wood’s native customers, so that I can see how this can be translated to a British summer market.
From looking at this imagery, I think there is an overall etherial aspect to a nordic summer. I learnt that summer cottages and beach houses are very popular so summer is very much about escapism. I think this is reflected in the street style during the summer as clothes are simple, comfortable and relaxed.